photo-4Some startups in this city are building tools to be marketed to journalists. These are the creators of technology that can help us do our job.

GnowitMohammad Al-Azzouni and Shanzad Khan run Gnowit out of Ottawa’s economic development incubator, Invest Ottawa. It’s a media monitoring company. But this company’s technology drills down and customizes the data it monitors for its sources.

Khan says for some clients it’s used almost like a wire service – they receive email alerts. And they can map out “interest graphs” to show what’s going on that might be of interest.

Right now, Gnowit has nine employees. And it hopes to hire someone with a journalism/communications background in the new year.

“Within the next year we want to start growing, said Al Azzouni. “Content marketing is really important now. We need people like that. It’s really important to have writers, to do blogs, to be thought leaders.”