The Project:

The growth of social media, blogs, and multi-media online publications is creating new and inspiring opportunities. Along with the fundamentals of reporting, journalism students of today need to learn how to be innovators. They also need more technology and business tools in their tool box to make themselves marketable. Entrepreneurial or Start-up Journalism is an emerging area of instruction in North America, but it’s not yet being taught at most Canadian universities.

This fellowship will concentrate on the study and practice of Entrepreneurial Journalism. This can be defined as the development and creation of new, media ventures as well as simply bringing innovation into an existing company.

Carleton University’s Technology Innovation Management team is interested in exploring business models for journalism entrepreneurs. This project will help forge links between the Sprott School of Business and Carleton’s School of Journalism.

Part of this project is the development of an elective, workshop course in start-up journalism for fourth year and graduate level students. The project also includes the planning of an on-line enterprise at Carleton; a new, news outlet (modelled on similar university journalism enterprises in the U.S.) that students will help build.


ji photo 2013

Julie Ireton is a CBC Reporter and the 2013 Michener-Deacon Fellow.

Julie is currently researching Entrepreneurial “Start-up” Journalism and developing a workshop course on this topic for Carleton University’s School of Journalism. She’s a critical thinker with strengths investigating issues and drawing out unique, compelling, human narratives. Julie has produced programming at CBC Radio and TV for the past 19 years, including more than a decade as CBC’s Business and Technology reporter. She has reported from all over North America and Asia. Julie has won several awards, fellowships and produced hundreds of original pieces of impact journalism.

Contributors to the Project:

Peter Henderson

Arik Ligeti


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