Impressive Innovative Students

I met two young women this week — 20 something, fourth year Journalism students who have taken a personal passion to the next level.

A lot of students start blogs, but these women have a blog that’s already attracting 2000 views a week, and they haven’t even started to promote the site yet. They’ve even started earning some ad revenue. But it’s all happening quickly and they want some tech help with their website before they have their big launch. These women came to me for some help with their start-up. I’m going to mentor them and I’m working on finding someone in Ottawa’s technology community who can give them some free web training. I’ve also reached out to Ladies Learning Code for some advice.

This project is just one example of arts students (in other words students outside the engineering or computer science faculties) who want to be innovators putting in the time and effort to follow a passion. It takes some guts, but I say go for it. The key is knowing where to go for help so you can make it happen. This is what the “Start-up Journalism” project is all about. Once these students are ready to start promoting their site I’ll post more information here.

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